Man, I am so busy today! I have to finalize merchandise, go clothing shopping, bake another damn cake etc etc…. so pardon a shorter blog.

So I tried to make a low carb cake. The recipe required too many eggs and my cake middle tasted like omelette, the crust was yucky because we used peanuts and not macadamia nuts. The only part of the recipe that worked was the whipped topping. Here is the recipe, only use the whipped topping lol

Below is a sad sad video showing you my worst cheese cake mega flop… but hey there is a happy ending ­čśë

So what does a stubborn Scottish Taurean woman do? Try to bake another one lol. Trying to use crushed pecans instead this time and more butter.

Here is the thing, I love cheesecake and I’m bloody willing to try every Diet cheesecake on the internet until I find the best one for you guys so stay tuned as I have not found it yet…┬á

THIS here below is the best damn diet whip I have ever tried (I used toffee Stevia though)
I will research a better cake to go underneath it lol