Up until recently, I did not want to even enjoy a cheat meal. I was worried they would derail me, so even on my 90/10 rule, on “cheat meals” I just ate pretty normally and I was still counting carbs. However, oodles of diet research and diet coach advice has suggested to me that you have to let loose a little or you will not want to stay on the diet train. If you don’t feel like you are living, why diet at all? So last night after a very long week:

I decided to just to allow myself to enjoy a cheat dinner. Sadly it was wasted on a pretty bad frozen pizza, some total shit and expensive wine and Ben and Jerry’s chocolate ice cream (the only thing I enjoyed).

Halfway into this highly acidic meal, I started getting indigestion and bloating. My body was freaking out over the processed refined atrocities and letting me know! The indigestion was bad for me and my BF after another glass of this terrible wine that I was beginning to wonder if I was having a heart attack! My chest was tight and the top of my ribs on my left side were sore and my entire stomach area was tight and bloated. I even took an aspirin and glass of water before going to bed in fear I might have a cardia arrest in my sleep in the off chance it was not digestive. Also my body was rejecting the dinner entire wine glass by splashing it back into my mouth like all night long… Was I being punished for cheating lol? It began to feel so. We should have returned the bottle, after 1 sip my throat was on fire, something was off. My BF insisted it was normal and just “spicy” but this morning after he admitted a bad night of heart burn too!

It was a great lesson. Like Pavlovs dog, I fear cheat meals more than ever and I am more than happy to resume my low carbs and organic home made meals after essentially the worst frozen pizza & wine of my life.

Just to prevent you guys from having the worst pizza & wine lazy home dinner ever, I documented the labels for ya!