For the man who likes fashion and isn’t afraid to try something new this line of DNA colored washes is really wild. The jeans are saying a lot here. We are still seeing the last few drops of the distressed trend fading away – pun intended! The dirty construction look is going to take over 2013 faster than gluten-free that is certain. The colored inside wash is great because it allows the fashionista 2 different looks. Without the roll-up for the business shoe look, with white button down and black blazer- this makes a nice business casual ensemble. A very corporate look that says yes I work 9-5 but I am a graphic designer and not an accountant.. The rolled-up colored look with some sneaks says: I am done work and ready to play. I still have a skateboard and I know how to ride it while eating a burrito.

You could NOT however wear these highly modified jeans to a sales meeting, funeral or wedding without some angry eye-balls. They are saying a lot and the words are loud. “I’m fun, I’m free, look at me”. Take a look at the other washes on the DIESEL SITE.