Berlin is my favorite city. It is known for its rich history, but also for the local artists that rise from its underground techno and house dance scene.  

If you haven’t heard of Mira or any of Kater Blau’s other headliners yet, worry not. Your FOMO ends here! I have attached SoundCloud links for all three artists at the end of this post, and a Mira set just below because, well, I love you guys!!

Mira is one of my favorites [EVER]; truly one of those badass female artists who will blow your mind each and every time you see her. Eastern Berlin’s techno dance scene has been consistently influenced by Mira for over a decade now and there are no signs of her slowing down.

Kater Blau in Montreal will be my third time seeing MIRA play this year. I am already more excited than I can recall ever being before! In July, I was lucky enough to see MIRA do a six-hour long set at Kater Blau in Berlin. In my opinion, it is the best dance party in the world. A most whimsical venue, this is an urban playground morphed with a bizarre circus hosting 85-hour parties every weekend. Headlining some of the best techno and house DJ’s in the world, this party promotes radical self-expression in every way. The fact that it is a Kater Blau showcase makes my heart feel extra fuzzy.


Leave your heels at home ladies. This is that proper, dance for hours in your comfiest self-expressing outfit kind of night.

So, don’t pull out your phone, and certainly, don’t forget your fucking GLITTER!! We will do this the Berlin way 😉

I have taken the time to listen to the two other headliners; The Sorry Entertainer and Peter Schumann. They will be setting a sexy mood just for us music junkies! Their sultry melodies with erogenous bass are everything you need for a perfect night. Prepare to get lost in the rhythm and beats of the music when you dance. I need it to be the weekend already so I can dance till my body hurts!!!!

What you will experience at this event is a magical style of electronic music. You can’t help transcending from these harmonious sounds to an endless world of wonder. It is always a unique experience in the Kater Blau scene, with its unexpected tracks that flow to the beat of its dancing devotees. And honestly, what venue could be better for you be a part of Berlin’s techno scene than Montreal’s world-renowned Stereo Afterhours Nightclub??

Stereo is Montreal’s techno/house dance haven, operating successfully for nearly twenty years. If you haven’t been or dare I say, even heard of it, now is the perfect time to cross it off your Montreal Bucket List. With one of the best sound systems in the city, you are in for a deep and heart rumbling experience.


The Sorry Entertainer

Peter Schumann