Soon to be Queen of Hearts, Rebecca King is the definition of ‘beautiful soul’. Her natural grace is so charming it can only be further emphasised by her incredible modesty.

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, Rebecca barely contains her excitement reeling off her favourite neo-soul and RnB acts, some of whom she has enviably seen live (D’Angelo, Musiq Soulchild and Boyz II Men for start). Clearly she is fond of smooth, sultry vocals, something she embodies thoroughly as her pitch perfect tones are simultaneously uplifting yet still blues laden.

With Summer drawing to a close, we thought we’d review a fun clubby track. Perfect song for getting your make-up before girl’s night out or dancing August away on a Saturday night rooftop. Damn It I Do by Rebecca King is a cool blend of funk, soul, pop, dance and everything in between. BandMark likes this track because it has a good beat that starts off right away, making it a killer gym cardio track or tidy up motivational track. This is not your “road trip or “make out” music – this is high energy and fast, this is summer won’t last.

This is one for the ladies! The song is about players playing women and how women can’t help but fall for the bad boys.  The song was written by Rebecca King and producer writer Jorden Milnes and is taken from her as yet unreleased album ‘Racing the Earth’. The video for ‘Damn It I Do’ is being shot in Barcelona where the weather, mood and vibe perfectly suit the track.

In a recent interview with exposed vocals, she answers a question we think is really important for striving musicians to hear:

Q. Since everyone was a start-up once, can you give any smaller or local bands or artists looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?

A. I would have to say be confident in what it is you are doing and don’t give up. It took me sending my manager (William Kofi) 12+ emails before he even responded to see what I was talking about. The more persistent and enthusiastic you are the more likely somebody is going to take notice and listen to what you have to say.