Crashing the boundaries of love, sexuality, colour FIRST and then as humans we must crash borders, fear, everywhere with music.” (This being the write-up from Wayne Tennant’s new video, CRASH – Free Love off 2015’s Life in Minor Key.)

An interesting, and important, phrase to pick out of that description is the “with music” part.

Of sexuality and music converging, or “crashing,” Tennant told CBC “I just didn’t want [being gay] to be the forefront…People tend to focus on that and think: ‘He’s gay! And then, he’s a musician.'”

Enter Tennant’s new music video, CRASH – Free Love.

Free Love

The video is far from sexually explicit, but instead, has a vibe of relaxed familiarity as couples dance lightly. These couples are all sorts of people and their gestures are as fluid and fun-loving as any couple deserves couples who have the luxury of being in love and couples who have the right of being free to love.

The song itself is slinky and sexy with verses melodically reminiscent of Prince or Stevie Wonder, with subtle elements of funk and new wave. Tennant’s soulful, breathy vocals are an ideal vehicle for expressing his powerful lyrics, a message of passionate diversity, humans being fused with love and music and yes, sexuality.

As Tennant’s grooving couples show, anyone can be beautiful and sexy and free, in the context of acceptance and generosity and good goddamn music.

Stream Wayne Tennant’s Life in a Minor Key on Spotify!

Tennant has cited George Michael, Frank Ocean, and Sam Smith as influences, and has definitely proven his relevance and importance in the Montreal music community with his latest video.

Wayne Tennant defines what it is to be Best Kept MTL – a formidable talent and a true hidden gem in our fine city of talented artists.

Life in a Minor Key is Tennant’s third record and has been available for your auditory pleasure for a while now. Be sure to get out and support this local artist.

Wayne Tennant is one of many Montreal-based artists that will light up the Montreal International Jazz Festival stage.

You can catch him with The Liquor Store on both June 29th and 30th. Be sure to catch him, trust me when I say you will be grateful you did!

If you miss out on one of the first shows, catch Wayne as part of Le Cypher on July 6th!

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