Before anything else…what a unique concept. The entire concept behind COOLKOALA and fact that it is restructured/reused clothing makes it that much more exciting and fresh. Much more than a lot of what we see in fashion today.

Not only have I had the insane pleasure of modeling for this contemporary yet modern brand with a style that truly compares to no other, but I’ve gotten to really flourish in their fashions and experience exactly what it feels like to be a COOLKOALA.


Jordan Rendal for COOLKOALA, Photo – Dan Esteban. Styling – Roza Koala.

From adult sized overalls to altered onesies for babies, to random yet relevant jewelry that one might even say is trendy af. There is something for just about all of us. COOLKOALA seems to be one of, if not THE most relevant, low-key fashion brand that I’ve come across in my short 6 months in Montreal.

Never while wearing any persons designs have I felt so empowered and special to do so. Literally, every piece from COOLKOALA is a unique, original art piece and most likely you will never find an imitation – unless it’s inauthentic. This shit is the real deal.

COOLKOALA is a super funky brand that creates unconventional clothes and accessories through art, recycling and collaborations.

Jordan Rendal for COOLKOALA. Photo – Dan Esteban. Styling – Roza Koala.

It was only recently I had the opportunity and great pleasure of working with Roza Koala(stylist behind COOLKOALA), and local Montreal photographer Dan Esteban…what an experience this was!

Not only was it loads of fun getting to bop around in gorgeous altered denim vests, jackets, tall tees and beyond cute accessories, but it was great to be able to work with others who are also so passionate about fashion. The shoot barely felt like work and was really just a group of people hanging out and embracing art. Which at the end of the day is the most important part of it all.

Fashion has just about a billion facets, and from this particular angle, COOLKOALA really shines being original in its own sense of the word. You won’t find any of these special pieces anywhere else. Everywhere I look in this gem of a city, I fail to locate any fashion that even remotely compares to COOLKOALA. Whether you just want to make a statement with your clothing or wear a literal art piece to stun in, they have exactly what you’re craving.

Fashion, fun, and nothing else.

-Jordan Rendal

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