The many Halloween stores (permanent and pop-up) around the city just proves that Montreal prides itself in this macabre holiday celebrations. Events, you ask? You have a million to choose from. Whether you’re looking to join the annual Zombie walk downtown or to party in an Abandoned church with all your devilish friends, something spooky this way comes.

Montreal knows how to party, we know how to be festive, and you can be assured that WE KNOW HOW TO HALLOWEEN.

Here’s a little list brought to you by our recurrent collaborators, Ziggy and Lily. The order is not based on favorites or dates but on how deep, down and under your willing to get this Hallow’s eve.

KEEPING IT PG @ MCCORD MUSEUM. This one is for the whole family. Lasting all weekend long with movies, concerts, and the true legends of Halloween. Honestly though, this is legit, they have a special screening of the silent film The Phantom of the Opera, Rupert Julian (1925), one of Lily’s faves.

90’S VAMP-UP @ BAR LE RITZ. Is dancing all night with Buffy, Willow, Xander and Spike more your thing? Bringing you back to the simpler times of slaying, this is a fun, easy and classic way to spend your Halloween.

80’S VILLAINS @ THEATRE FAIRMOUT. They claim the 80s are the best at being the scariest: the horror movies, the crimped hair, the neon makeup and Pat Benatar. I’m sold the 80s freak me out! Retro lovers come get freaky here on Saturday.

ROCK CEREMONY @ DIVAN ORANGE. Stoner rock, loud rock & roll, heavy worker music, think fat bass guitar, powerful vocals and groovy guitars. Big sounds in a little venue with great vibes on St-Laurent, how can you go wrong. Are The Hazytones going to animate your Halloween?

CREEPY UNDERGROUND @ TBA. You want underground? Mix fashion, funk, trans, pink and hard and psychedelic techno beats. This event is a two room, all nighter performance that you will FOMO if you DONT GO!

FESTIVAL GHOULS in MIRABEL. Do you want one last fest to camp out, dance bare feet in mud, wear your spirit hood? The same guys who brought you Timeless Festival bring you Macadelik this weekend. 2 stages, saloon Bar, campfire and there’s even a shuttle from downtown MTL to the site. PSSYYYTTTTRRRRAAAANNNNCCEEEE.


DIRTY PUNK @ FATTAL. Rat Patrol, Drunken Dogs, Beat Yer Meat…sounds like a beastiality orgy. Don’t worry, it’s not as gruesome as that. Those are just a couple of the bands playing Saturday night. Be ready to throw your zombie bodies in the mosh pit and scream your guts out though. A good punk show is always a sight for sore eyes.

Can you guess what Lily & Ziggy’s plans are?

Happy freaky weekend folks!