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Coeur de Pirate | Pop Montreal

Coeur de Pirate | Pop Montreal

Coeur de Pirate | Pop Montreal 1

POP Montreal kicked off with a bang this past Wednesday. With all the buzz surrounding this year’s edition of POP Montreal and a massive line-up of 400+ artist’s hitting varying venues around town. There is definitely something for everyone to love, & surely something that just doesn’t hit that sweet spot.

Not quite hitting that sweet POP spot for me was one of the many headliners that hit up Montreal for the 2015 edition of POP was Coeur de Pirate. Releasing her newest album Roses mere weeks ago, a sold-out crowd packed into Metropolis to bare witness to this local beauty on stage.

Now let me clarify. Beatrice Miller sounds amazing in a live venue. Her voice is polished, yet unique…but unique in that common singer/songwriter kind of way. A powerful voice backed with a subtle/sexy rasp, Coeur de Pirate falls somewhere between good & amazing.

Miller hit all the right notes, sounds just like a playing record & is a stand-out talent to our pool of local artists. Though what I crave most in a musician is a magical on-stage presence, this I found to be lacking.

Possibly reflecting her smooth style of adult contemporary pop music, the performance given was very relaxed & comfortable. Almost too comfortable. Concert goers throughout the venue were seen to be casually chill. Chatting amongst themselves while listening to Miller’s angelic voice hum over the sound system.

Once the beat would pick up pace, so did the energy of the venue. Leaving me to believe that if Coeur de Pirate brought out a little more presence in performance, the crowd would pick up her energy much stronger.

With that said, being able to step back in the crowd & hold a conversation without shouting was kind of nice… just not what I’d expect to see from a sold-out show in a venue such as Metropolis.

I want to see fans wailing out the lyrics & swaying romantically even in those low key moments. Going wild when the music is kicked up a notch. These factors that make a show incredible just were not present last night. At least not for myself.

On a technical level, I tip my hat to you Beatrice Miller of Coeur de Pirate. You are one talented lady with a bright future & an outstanding voice. The love felt for you in Metropolis was very real. I look forward to seeing you bring out the Quebecois talent again, & you looked entirely stunning. Your scented candles at the merch booth was a very nice touch as well!

A pleasant show to start off my POP Montreal week. Now I am ready to get a little wild. Stay tuned all you lovers of music, lots more to come!

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