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CleanPix | Brand asset management with a BAM!

CleanPix | Brand asset management with a BAM!

CleanPix | Brand asset management with a BAM! 1

The phrase “brand asset management” (or BAM, as some would have it) may not get the blood pumping. But if you’ve ever dealt with content and document distribution or branding at a higher level, you know how bloody a business it can be. Even in a small business, getting every department to use the same logo on a letterhead can be a hurdle.

Now imagine you’ve got dozens of locations around the world, all needing some critical update, and half the people who’ve received your instructions have never heard of Photoshop and still use Comic Sans in every outgoing email. Ouch.

Calgary-based CleanPix has been around since 2001, when a group of graphic designers took it upon themselves to defeat their own file formatting and content distribution problems. Those early solutions soon became a full-time business of their own.These days, CleanPix offers full-scale, cloud-based formatting, organization, and content delivery mechanisms to save every online business — not just graphic designers — a whole lot of time.

From CleanPix themselves: “Organize + deliver any media asset! Product-line pictures, videos, logos and other rich media content – assets exist to tell your brand’s story and we help get that story out. Drive fresh and new content to market the moment your network requests it.”

CleanPix is indeed popular with design firms, but also with tourism services, government boards and other organizations in need of big, splashy content delivered in a totally uniform, hassle-free fashion. CleanPix combines features of Google Drive, DropBox and Adobe Bridge into a streamlined system that’s used by large franchises, international corporations and world-away telecommuters alike. Its features are extensive enough to satisfy a hardened designer, but user-friendly enough to be wielded by a trainee.

This all comes with a price tag, of course, which could put it out of the reach of a one-person studio. Although there’s a 14-day trial period to let you explore all the features, the base package starts at $295 per month. It’s a considered investment for anyone, although for a mid-sized or large company, the hours in saved time will easily outstrip the cost.

Find out more about CleanPix and check out this video below!

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