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Cirque De Boudoir’s Kinky Halloween Party is Back from Hell

Cirque De Boudoir’s Kinky Halloween Party is Back from Hell

Cirque de Boudoir

After a two-year hibernation, Montreal’s kinkiest, freakiest, sexiest fetish Halloween event is back! Cirque De Boudoir‘s much-anticipated Halloween 2022 edition will open the Gates of Hell Saturday night, October 29, at the majestic Théâtre Paradoxe.

Cirque de Boudoir

Happening behind the massive wooden doors and stone facade of a 100-year-old church venue…

Cirque de Boudoir

…this is THE Halloween event not to miss!

Cirque De Boudoir

Co-founded by Davide LaPara (DJ Davidé) and Cora Attwood (VJ Bunnyguts) in 2006; Cirque De Boudoir parties continue to feature eye-popping live stage performances, gogo dancers, DJs, decor, visuals and the hottest crowd in town.

Cirque de Boudoir

The Halloween edition sells out every year so get your tickets as soon as possible and prepare your most extreme outfit.

Cirque de Boudoir

After visiting Salem during Halloween 2019, what can we expect this year? Cirque De Boudoir will do the unthinkable: opening the fiery Gates of Hell, thus setting free hordes of fallen angels, devils and demons!

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Cirque de Boudoir

The theme is meant to inspire a mood, the decor, visuals, performances, and your outfits. Cirque de Boudoir always creates an environment where adults of all sexual orientations are free to express themselves openly without fear of judgment. So everything is set for you to get ur freak on this Halloween!

Cirque de Boudoir

Here is what you need to know about Cirque de Boudoir Halloween 2022:

Date and Time: Saturday, October 29, from 9PM to 3AM
Location: Théâtre Paradoxe | 5959 Boulevard Monk, Montréal, QC H4E 3H5
Tickets: Available for online purchase on eventbrite.ca
Group Table Reservations: davide@cirquedeboudoir.com
Dress Code: All freaky, fetish, kinky and extreme Halloween costumes and looks. No cheap/cheesy costumes. No regular clothing. The theme is Gates of Hell, so everything to do with infernalists, fallen angels, devils, demons, succubi, etc. NO EFFORT = NO ENTRY.
Code of conduct: No touching without formal consent at all times.
Photography: No photography allowed unless you are an official staff photographer.
Website: cirquedeboudoir.com | Facebook: @CirqueDeBoudoir | Instagram: @cirquedeboudoir

Cirque de Boudoir
Cirque De Boudoir co-founders Davidé and Bunnyguts
Featured image credit: MadMind Studio | Yumikasa Photography

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