Things get a little tricky for robots here as we have 4 things to mix up 😉 this recipe is a fave with kids and adults alike. When I say dried herbs it really just means whatever you like on your chicken. If it’s Mrs.Dash lemon pepper add that, maybe its smoked paprika and cajun- up to you. The beauty of this recipe is that it uses very little flour and the slight sweetness of the Original Cheerios gives it a little zing.

  1. 1 chicken breast cut up into nuggets sizes
  2. 1 cup of crunched up Cherrios (Can smash in a big ziplock with a hammer or jar edge)
  3. 1/4 cup grated parmesan (needs to be finely grated or powdered)The dry herbs you like + 1 egg!

Take your chicken nuggets and roll them into 1 egg beaten to get them sticky coated. Some like to add a little olive oil too but not necessary. Once they are coated, put them in the crushed Cheerios bag and smash them around until they are evenly coated with crumbs. Then add your parmesan and dry herbs to the bag because you want them on the exterior. Roll that around until all is covered. You might have to press firmly into the bag to get the now coated nuggets covered.

Pre-heat 350
Cook for 30 minutes and 5 minutes on broil