The Centaur theatre is probably the best known English speaking theatre in Montreal.  Located in the heart of Old Montreal, just arriving to the beautiful building feels a little magical.  The large columns of the building and historical charm of the area is engaging. You start feeling as if something special will happen when you walk through those doors.


Every year the theatre company showcases six plays between October to May. From comedies, musicals to dramas – there is a wide variety of genres.  Constellations is their opening play of the season and I had the chance to see it.  Written by Nick Payne and directed by Peter Hinton, there are only two actors during the 80 minute show. However, the energy of the actors, Cara Ricketts and Graham Cuthbertson combined with music from a cellist is enough to captivate the audience throughout. Not necessarily a theatre expert – my date mentioned “I was not bored”. I think that is a good sign to say the least.

Constellations is about love, relationships, death and everything in between. Have you ever thought “what if?” when thinking of a past relationship ? Chances are you have. What if “I said/did this” instead of “that”. What if I forgave him/her? We can drive ourselves crazy with scenarios… The play showcases the comedic and dramatic aspects of various stages of a relationship. Starting off light with some comedic moments but spiraling into darker more serious issues, the play is entertaining and keeps you on your toes. Relatable material makes it easy to watch and a nice change from our everyday enjoyments.

Going to the theatre is a fun experience especially at the Centaur’s venue.  Plan to go and make it a night out. Chances are you will appreciate being swept away into a creative mind without starring at a screen 😉

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