Caroline Néron, entrepreneur at heart and star of the television series Diva and Réseaux has built a jewelry empire in the past decade, opening 20 stand-alone boutiques. Néron has over 100 points of sale and a new showroom in Paris. Now this — her first perfume within her Diamond collection of women’s and men’s jewelry.

1milk2sugars invited BandMark to the Pur Diamant perfume launch party held at the Loft Hotel. Néron turned to Galimard, the notorious French perfume house to help create her scent. A giant version of the perfume bottle, cut like a diamond, with crystals inside was on display, along with an explanation of Pur Diamant’s top notes, including vanilla, plum, lily, blackberry and bergamot, a sweet citrus. Among special guests were hosts Marie-Claude Savard and Maripier Morin and film producer Luc Bélanger, present to celebrate Néron’s success.

So what next? A handbag collection in line with Sarah Jessica Parker’s latest business venture? She confirmed the rumour, adding: “But not until fall 2014.”

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