Remember Susan Boyle? The rags to riches, frump to fame story of the year? I was suddenly taken with the itch to find out where she had gotten to. Turns out she’s had a stint of “exhaustion” (the celebrity euphemism for nervous breakdown) and has had to cancel many of her appearances on the tour of Britain’s Got Talent.  Futhermore,  her disappointing loss in the finals of Britain`s Got Talent  and her erratic behaviour and it might seem that poor Susan can’t quite cope with the hectic pace and pressure of her new found fame.

But No! The fiesty Scott is not down for the count. Rumour has it that she has found a new manager, and is going to start recording her first album in time for Christmas. We here at BandMark sincerely hope she learns how to manage the stress of her new life without  the popular help of Zantinis (Zannax+Vodka), gurus and or lipo. You go Sue B!

Susan Boyle