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Cadillac Muzik | Journey into Funkyland

Cadillac Muzik | Journey into Funkyland

Cadillac Muzik | Journey into Funkyland 1

From Funk to Hip-Hop, Jazz to Soul, Outkast to Jimi Hendrix. The product of these two well verserd & talented gentleman, CaddyMack Moses and Daddy D’vill. Cadillac Muzik are commited to taking you on a soulful journey through a blend of genres ensured to put you in the mood.

Working around the clock from Texas to bring their tunes to the masses, Cadillac Muzik does not show a sign of slowing down soon. With local critics giving praise to their lyrical style and nods to the greats of their genre, it is clear that musical talent and artistry takes shape when these two men come together.

Cadillac Muzik writes and produces all their jams in house. Running their own independant label, Cadillac Muzik ENT, the boy’s are here to support the undersigned and independent artist’s on the scene as well. To take your art and turn it into a brand, and a community within your local music scene is admirable.

557581_479129502124543_1402301912_nBridging the gaps in generation, the boy’s of Cadillac Muzik have a little something for everyone. If you’re into modern acts like Kendrick Lamar or Janelle Monae you will find some love for this group. Influence from the greats like Isley Brothers,  Curtis Mayfield and James Brown is ever present with Cadillac Muzik. Here we have a group that stays current, giving a brand of music to the masses that the younger generation can thrive on while generations above them can reminisce over their familiarity.

Cadillac Muzik has graced their fans and the industry a like with the release of their debut record, Funkyland. Which you can grab right here. The boy’s have a ton of material all over social media to jump into and feel their southern grooves. Show the boys some love and give it a spin, share it, GET INTO IT!


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