Cactus Montreal — Read all about it!

Here is your chance to scoop up some sales on Succulents and Cactus Montreal!

The cactus plants are widely known for their desert and tropical locations. We flock to green houses to marvel at them. They are often highly purchased products in our green thumb retail spaces. But beyond the associations of summer, and other regions away from this cold the Cactus has plenty of other benefits.

Cactus – the prickly little purifier you never knew you needed Montreal. Cactus Montreal

They say cactus can purify your interior, make you more tonic or easily perfume an entire room with a fresh and relaxing fragrance.  It is also considered so be a super food, but not all cacti are recommended. Reminds me when I was offered a cactus salad in Cozumel 25 years ago as I was choking on another bowl… of spices.

The Nopal – or Opuntia cactus – is a very common food in Latin America. Scientists and nutritionists have given the plan some serious benefits. From reducing hangovers(!) to preventing some cancers. It’s no doubt this little guy is a wellness gem!  It’s the plant the gives us Aloe Vera, used to create cosmetics in the form of gels to treat burns and sunburns and heal the wounds. While the capsules can be used to fight against the aging of skin cells and also strengthens the immune system – improving blood circulation.

Picking up one of these magical little cacti can save you a few bucks on store-bought supplements. With a properly cared for Nopal cactus, you have an endless supply of freshly squeezed Aloe Vera at your fingertips! Well worth the bargain – especially when on sale!

Am I right?

Cactus Montreal

Cereus repandus –  the Peruvian apple cactus is known for its a large, erect, columns. It is found in South America and regions of the Dutch Caribbean. This special plant seems as though it is on the hunt. Known to neutralize harmful electromagnetic waves from our high-tech life tools. This guy is good for anyone who works in front of screens and suffers headaches. Those of you always on your cell phone will also feel the benefits!

The Montreal Cactus sale is happening now over at UQAM – and today is the last day to get them!

Proceeds will help students completing their Bachelors of Urban Planning. To finance a visit to Chicago and Detroit, in the framework of their UT4051 session – Les Grandes Villes au printemps (Large cities in Spring).

So, come out and show your support. Buy some Cactus Montreal

February 9 sale is held in Judith-Jasmin (J) Pavilion from 12:30- 6 PM.

Bring a bag, and cash only. More info here

If you would like a play-list while you shop, I suggest these best picks.