By far one of my favourite entertainment communities here is the Burlesque community. We have so many great Burlesque shows and venues around town, but only a few hit it right on the head the way that The Wiggle Room does. Hands-down one of my favourite places to go, The Wiggle Room is an eclectic home to many local performers. One in particular, who I feel is one of Montreal’s Best Kept secrets…

image-14Mikki Michelle – a multi-talented singer and performer. Born and raised in Australia, Mikki Michelle has been in Montreal for a small handful of years and has quickly become a top-notch performer and show producer. The founder of Viva Diverse Productions, she has created her brand and with it a selection of shows that remain uniquely unmatched. Mikki Michelle is coming for you again on Friday, November 25!

Viva Diverse Productions Presents…..

CABARET ABNORMAL 215094935_1492641744086550_2092477520638225763_nThe freaks of burlesque are back! Step inside… there’s nowhere to hide because this time it’s even more twisted and weird!

After the sell-out success that was Cabaret Abnormal, Viva Diverse Productions have decided to unleash the freaks for a second round at The Wiggle Room. That’s right folks, the sexiest sideshow in town will grace the stage for another night of the most abnormal burlesque performances you have ever seen!

Headliners: Les Inséparables (conjoined twins)     Host: Connie Lingua (the bearded lady)

WITH: Sugar Vixen, Tristan Ginger, Mikki Michelle, Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière & Seth Sladen

Tickets $20 – $25 at the door. Doors at 7:30pm, show at 9pm.

image-11 image-10image-12

Mikki Michelle and I recently sat down for a cocktail and had a little chat about the event…

How do you define yourself as a performer and who are your biggest influences?

13607008_1096189997135344_8996674343179468056_nFirst and foremost a singer! I guess I developed a burlesque style because I wanted to expand my repertoire as a performer. The clown thing has sort of worked itself into it, I guess it’s just part of my personality? I’m really into the circus thing right now, so I worked it into my act.

I think Bon Bon Bombay is the biggest influence because she’s got that cool, weird sideshow element to her acts. I know so many incredibly inspiring artists, but she is a big one.

What made you want to get into burlesque?

Well, I work at the Wiggle Room to start. It’s kind of hard to not be influenced surrounded by so many amazing performers. One reason I went to study in burlesque school, Arabesque Burlesque, was because one of my idols of burlesque Bon Bon Bombay was teaching for her last time before moving to Toronto.  I wanted to do burlesque for so long, I thought I should just take the plunge and do it. Have Bon Bon Bombay teach and help me develop, which she definitely did.

What’s makes Cabaret Abnormal stand out among all the burlesque events in town?

Well, this is the second edition of Cabaret Abnormal. The first edition I had sold-out, way in advance, we had turned people away it was so popular! It’s burlesque with a sideshow twist, and this one will pay homage to 1920 circus freaks. So there will be conjoined twins, a strong man, creatures of the night, bearded ladies, contortion… that kind of thing.

How would you deal with a wardrobe malfunction? image-9

Ahhh, just rip it off anyways!

You just gotta figure out a way to go with it. For example, I did an act wrapped in different chains, and with one of them, I couldn’t quite find the clip. I just had the act chill and roll with it. I ended up removing the chains differently and all worked out fine.

How would you define the best and worst types of audiences?

The best audiences are the ones who cheer out in support, of course! The worst kinds just sit there silently. I’m unsure, but I think I’d rather have people booing because I can have more fun with that, pushing it in their faces a little more.

This show is for all those people who are craving something a little darker. We have another amazing line-up, and with the homage to the vintage 1920’s circus, it is very close to my heart.

Cabaret Abnormal is but the latest in a line of amazing events with Michelle’s Viva Diverse Productions. You don’t want to miss the gem among stones in Montreal’s entertainment community!