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BUNNY BALL 2022 | Cirque De Boudoir Easter Party is Back

BUNNY BALL 2022 | Cirque De Boudoir Easter Party is Back

Bunny Ball

After over 2 years of pandemic lockdown blues, Cirque De Boudoir – Montreal’s biggest kinkiest costume party – is finally back for its first large-scale thematic event! The Cirque De Boudoir’s much-anticipated 2022 edition of Bunny Ball will take place on Saturday, March 26, at Bain Matthieu.

BUNNY BALL 2022 | Cirque De Boudoir Easter Party is Back 8

Co-founded by Davide LaPara (DJ Davidé) and Cora Attwood (VJ Bunnyguts) in 2006; Cirque De Boudoir parties continue to feature eye-popping live stage performances, gogo dancers, DJs, decor, visuals and the hottest crowd in town.

Bunny Ball
Natasha Nebula

Cirque De Boudoir events are held 6 times per year, usually on/or around major holidays, including Halloween. With Easter just around the corner, the theme of this year’s Bunny Ball is “Good Bunny versus Bad Bunny“! Whether you choose dark or light, naughty or nice, this is your chance to express yourself with the sexiest kinky fashion and costuming.

Bunny Ball

The bunny theme is meant to inspire a mood, the decor, visuals, performances, and your outfits. Cirque de Boudoir always creates an environment where adults of all sexual orientations are free to express themselves openly without fear of judgment. So everything is set for you to get your freak on!

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Bunny Ball
MiMi Cherry and her playmate Lilau

Here is what you need to know about Cirque de Boudoir’s Bunny Ball

Date and Time: Saturday, March 26, from 9PM to 3AM
Location: Bain Mathieu | 2915 Ontario St E, Montreal, Quebec H2K 1X7
Tickets: Available for online purchase on eventbrite.ca
Dress Code: Everyone is expected to dress up in their most creative, freaky, fetish, fantastic outfits. No jeans, no t-shirts, no sneakers, no casual clothing, no cheap/cheesy costumes. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a creative look. This event focuses on costuming and as such everyone is expected to make an effort. No Effort = No Entry.
Code of conduct: No touching or photography without formal consent at all times
Website: cirquedeboudoir.com
Facebook: @CirqueDeBoudoir
Instagram: @cirquedeboudoir

Photos credit: Jo Gorsky
Bunny Ball
Fantasmagorik® Black Rabbit Mask by Obery Nicolas

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