This upcoming Saturday, December 9th, will be an early Christmas present for any Montrealer in love with broken beats. Planet Break and The Quite Nice Crew is bringing none other than the don himself:

Deekline, break beats straight from the other side of the pond (UK).

The British DJ and Producer’s skills have made him climb to the top as one of the best of his genre. It is definitely NOT his first rodeo. Deekline has been rocking the decks since 2003. He gained a worldwide following, playing at festivals and clubs all around the globe such as the prestigious Boomtown Fair.
He has been an all-time favorite of mine since the beginning and has not been in Montreal since 2010 (which means we are all overdue). To say I am excited as well as many other people in this fair city, is an understatement. The night will be a celebration of anything broken in terms of beats so the dancefloor is guaranteed to shake, break and be destroyed.

Attention all Breakers and Junglists!

Groove Nation, the venue where the party will be, is familiar to some and quite honestly the perfect setting for this massive event. With enough space to shake your rump, twerk it or whatever your style. We want to see some dancefloor battles and dance-offs. Smiles will for sure take over Groove Nation as anyone who has been to a Planet Break or Quite Nice Crew event can attest to. It seems Montreal is going through a mini-revival of DNB/Breaks\Jungle, so let’s embrace this and show up in big numbers!
Supporting DJ’s for the night are:
DIALECT b2b MELODRASTIK ( Planet Break represent )

PLECKOBWOY ( Quite Nice Crew head honcho )

GROOVY UFO ( Breaks & Bass technician )

With VJ’S

PUMPKIN & FRIGGS ( Awsum Kulture)
and hosted by Beastieboxer all night long!
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Win a pair of tickets! Bring your crazy dance buddy, seduce your lover to come or break out with Grandma!
Cheers and hope to see all y’all on the floor!