Picture yourself in a little bar, with a 90s’ cigarette smoke swirl around a guy with a harmonica and guitar. Jesse Stone has something very soulfully and simple to offer. He is the jeans and t-shirt guy who was too busy writing lyrics to shop for metrosexual outfits. Forgot to shower but not make a coffee when the sun came up then sacrificed sleep to record.

There is something very honest and un-contrived about the whole thing. In a world of polished pictures and auto-tunes, Jesse offers something high quality, long-lasting and American. Break of Day is like a series of audio cappuccinos, while watching generation X movies slightly hung over. He is the existential soundtrack of everyone’s late 20s, hopeful romance, confusing career paths and the realization that f*ck, I can no longer be asked what I want to be when I grow up, I AM a grown up.

I watched a Patti Smith video the other day, one of her punk-rock and wise-word speeches… She said something that every artist should hear. She said that an artist (or any skilled professional for that matter) does not need to focus on making a bunch of money, just on doing the best work they can do. If that work is good – their name will become currency. This advice was passed to her by her friend and author William S. Burroughs. I think Jesse is doing some great work.

Montrealers, if you want to see a good show, join us at his record launch Friday, February 20th @ The Salla Rosa. Facebook Event