There is a new hotsy-totsy in town and she is fashionably located in between Old Montréal and the financial district, steps away from Square Victoria. As one enters, a row of glistening chandeliers blind you as your eyes settles on the main room, the grand foyer, which holds the main bar in the middle letting people mingle around it at an easy pace as others enjoy smaller more private seating areas on the sides of the royal blue walls. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest tickle of Montréal’s nightlife, Ms Sassy Bord’Elle! Glitz, glam and golden facades will keep your imagination focused along with the feel and decor of the 1920s.

Mr. Gatsby himself would feel right at home here as he would be able to choose not only from one bar but three. Bord’Elle holds two separate mezzanines, one a champagne room, the other a whiskey parlour. Cheers old mate! I myself had the pleasure to taste the Lili Rose: prosecco, Moët Chandon, Grey Goose orange, purée de framboise maison and rose petal. Not only was it a perfect combination of sweet and fresh, but ladies mark my words, you’ll be kicking your knees as high up as a cancan dancer after only three of them. But when has anyone complained about a drink begin just strong enough in our fun-loving city that is Montréal. Don’t fret my male readers, there is plenty more than drinks à la elle versus lui, Bord’Elle will regularly hold burlesque performances to keep you coming back for more.

You might just get lucky and catch our beloved Lavender May flirt with the crowd as she performs her savvy quality tease by shaking a few more eye candies than her feathers. Oh dear…blush, blush those were the glory days of high sexual elegance and now we can escape into its world on a regular basis within the walls of decadence that is Bord’Elle. Gents, I urge you to bring your Valentine to this mishevious establishment as it is the perfect place for two lovers to exchange lovey-dovy glances while sipping on bubbly.

I’m pleased to say that finally our city has a bar lounge slash healthy, light eatery that promises swell class, swanky style and the space to let loose like we never heebie-jeebied before. This is the perfect place before a concert for a light bite and ambiance.

Best Kept selection tonight: Shake it to house music anthems w/ DJs Jojo Flores & DJ Cesar for Di Salvio’s Reunion 5. Contact Eddy Melo for more info ☇☇Get there early to guarantee access ☇☇

Bord’Ella is a real Dame. Congratulations to the team – Attaboys! The place is hip to the jive!