The Book of Mormon – the musical for people who don’t like musical

A musical comedy with the ever-so “bad attitude” – The Book of Mormon is back with the Broadway Across Canada tour production returning to Montreal for a limited engagement at Place Des Arts…. and a triumphant return at that, we should add.

This has got to be the most outrageous & offensive Musical written since “The Producers”… and it’s bloody fantastic!

Though this play goes against the typical musical troupes’, it’s clear to see that the play keeps an impressive standard of a quality Broadway performance. From the beautiful airbrushed set design to the singing & choreography.

With the creators of South Park, Matt Stone & Trey Parker at the helm of this production, one mustn’t be surprised by the aggressively, non-PC take on religious intervention in 3rd world countries.

Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon also makes multiple commentaries on how Mormonism came to be.

As much as the play really digs into the self-righteous and suppressed Mormon missionaries on stage, surprisingly, it ends with its main theme; Even though religious stories are, out of touch, and bizarre, religion itself can do enormous good as long as it is taken metaphorically and not literally.

The show is back for a return engagement, but if you’re a first-timer, be warned: it’s a work that mercilessly lampoons Mormonism (and all creeds and cultural beliefs for that matter) in the most outrageous and scatological of ways.

Book of Mormon

Sent to a Ugandan village for a two-year missionary assignment, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham encounter a menaced citizenry run by warlord General Butt Fucking Naked. Pretty straightforward in plot, the ensemble cast supports each other perfectly.

The two cast factions – supersquare, white missionaries and the African Villagers come together symbiotically on stage with musical dance numbers that are perfect in every respect. Full of energy and a great sense of fun.

Framed by a broad rectangular arch that blends religion with a certain sense of flashy showmanship, there is a fine attention to detail right down to the dead horse being lugged across the stage upon the missionaries arrival.

Beautifully evocative, designer Scott Pask creates a vision in his set design for the production. Particularly of note is his Mormon Hell Dream.

While some find this musical to be too offensive in the way it pokes fun at racism, religion, and understanding – there is also a redeeming message about personal faith and friendship that shines through this production’s core.

The Book of Mormon is running at Place Des Arts now until April 23 

Three years ago, snagging yourself a ticket to this musical theatre phenomenon proved to be a tricky task – still, it’s the hottest theatre production in Montreal this season.

You don’t wanna miss your chance to witness the absurdity and hilariously offensive production from the minds of one of our greatest comedic TV shows of the generation. The winner of 9 Tony Awards, The Book of Mormon has become more than just a theatre production that turns heads and starts a conversation. Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created a cult-classic here that will never waver in its relevance and humor.

Top Performance Highlights

-Beautiful, interchanging set design.
-The satirical perspective of very sad and heavy themes such as; poverty, homosexual suppression, AIDS & baby rape…just to name a few.
-A nod to nerd & Sci-Fi pop culture.
-Amazing musical scores, created by Robert Lopez.
-Top performers: NIC ROULEAU, CONNER PEIRSON (Funniest character on stage), LEANNE ROBINSON (Best singer on stage!), PJ ADZIMA.

Presented by evenko and Broadway Across Canada – you can get your tickets here and catch The Book of Mormon over this weekend before the production closes April 23rd.