Montreal locals, Bodywash: Looking for music you can dream to brought me to this band. Upon listening, I felt it was more than just my body being washed. My nerves were calm and my spirit was soothed. In sultry, undulating electric waves, Bodywash jams beautifully.

Not necessarily an unknown anomaly or hidden gem, Bodywash sold out their EP release party at La Vitrola back in November. The four-track self-titled release dropped in January, and is a visceral and textural work that sweeps smoothly over you, washing away your troubles.

With lackadaisical, sometimes-there vocals, the breezy, day-dreamy EP is surprisingly a five piece: Austin Pine doing percussion, Rosie Long Decter on vocals and synth, Tom Gould on bass, Chris Steward on vocals and guitar, and Adam Macpherson on guitar also. (I say “surprisingly” because of the EP’s ethereal nature. I kind of expected it to be plucked from the clouds by a hunched over gear-head hiding in a jam space or something.)

Though the band cites obvious influences like Beach House, one can also hear Washed Out in there, and other Montreal locals like Slight or Freelove Fenner.

It’s a real treat to put on EP’s like Bodywash and let the music flow cohesively over you. There was not one minute where I heard a track and thought, “Nope, next,” skipping a tune to find another sweet spot. Bodywash has miraculously comprised an EP that consists solely of sweet spots, from melodies and rhythm, to William Horikawa’s sweet album art.

Self-describing themselves as cream pop is also appropriate, as these jams are about as creamy as it gets. All I want to know is where is Bodywash playing next? I want to see what this band can do live. Bodywash EP by Bodywash