Who Is Blaise Moore?

2017 is beginning to look like the year of the newcomer. Her name is Blaise Moore. Just a month in and already a handful of new artists that, quite frankly, have me looking at the year to come with fresh eyes and very fresh ears. One artist I want to shine a light on is a Canadian songstress by the name of Blaise Moore. I came across this young lady on Spotify Radio, quickly joined  the near 100k monthly listeners on a daily play of her debut EP. And now it seems this number is going to grow very fast, with Billboard jumping on the Blaise Moore wagon featuring an interview with the debut of her EP – LAURENCE.

When I stumbled upon Blaise Moore a few weeks ago, her EP was available under a different name – LONDON. It took me one spin to become hooked on the singers’ sultry, soft and seductive vocal performance.

An ability to turn emotional turmoil into gold can be found here. Blaise Moore obviously went through it with some fuck boy, and as I continued to listen to the EP this fact become impossible to ignore. As it stood, the collection of songs were a moody, soulful and at most time very angst driven tip loock at an experience with heartbreak.

Well – until now, the inspiration behind the project was just speculation. Blaise Moore re-launched her debut EP, dropped her very first music video, and has a feature interview with Billboard talking about her debut project – now title LAURENCE – named after the man who inspired the music. She also threw on 2 additional tracks – FUCK IT and STUTTER. Both of which take the angst level up another degree.

STUTTER is a certified banger – that hook layered on a dark trap beat is totally addictive.

Blaise Moore premiered the video for FRIENDS in time for Valentine’s Day. This song secures itself amongst some of the best break-up anthems in pop music. Period. It’s fresh, forward thinking and remains completely relevant to the direction of pop, R&B and Hip-hop today.

With it, Blaise Moore has taken the project to a deeper level of realization, adding in a string of text message exchange with Laurence himself. You kind of need to watch the FRIENDS video twice. Once for the imagery – which BTW, this young lady is stunning – and once to read the text messages.

“It Feels Good To Turn The Tables On Him”- Blaise Moore billboard interview on new EP – LAURENCE

Blaise Moore BillboardIn her interview with Billboard, Blaise Moore spoke about the experience with Laurence. So, who is this man 8 years older than the Toronto native?

“I’ve had small relationships when I was younger, but they didn’t resonate with me like this one did,” says Moore, who first bonded with Laurence over music online and then started regularly Skyping with him. “He basically flew me across the world to meet me for the first time and me being young and wanting that love in my life that I never really had — that fairytale bullshit — I said fuck it and went.”

There was an immediate connection when the two met in person and Moore spent her time in London living with Laurence and learning everything about him. She thought that she had found the one. “Then I left and I went back to Canada,” she recalls. “And he stopped talking to me.”

“I ditched everything to go back and be with him — I quit my job, I snubbed my family, and I was like, it doesn’t matter, because this is the one for me,” she says.

This EP is an opportunity to set the record straight..

For Moore, a self-described “problem child” who was sent to a public school in New Zealand and fell in love with music after getting kicked out of drama class, this EP is an opportunity to set the record straight — not just about her affair with Laurence, but about who she is and what she can become. – From Billboard.

Blaise Moore has just begun to make a name for herself – and it’s a name you should take note of. There is no doubt that this Canadian artist will be on everyone’s radar throughout 2017. She’s about to head out on her first tour in the US – but has some Canadian stops first, with a Montreal show this week

Blaise Moore – Presented by Locals Only Sound – February 17th

Tickets for her debut gig in Montreal are only $12.50! You don’t want to miss your chance to see this budding young star at the early stages of her career, this Friday February 17th at Bleury bar à Vinyle.

See you there, Montreal!