Well, well, well Montréal. It’s that special time of year again. Summer is gone, the holidays are fast approaching & Montréal is boasting the beauty of fall all over town. Also boasting a ton of beauty & pure global sexiness is the one & only Black & Blue Festival; a Montreal classic event recognized around the world.

12004075_10153650114852140_6104650332811231245_nRobert J. Vezina & Christian Beaudry made history for Montréal, & Canada, with the inaugural Black & Blue events & founding of the Bad Boy Club Montréal foundation in the 90’s. Putting Montréal on the map & setting a bar for events to measure up around the globe. Black & Blue has become one of the hottest dance parties in the world while remaining the living example of community.

The BBCM has been providing direct support & donations from Black & Blue events to those affected by HIV/AIDS since their founding. In addition, the BBCM foundation is heavily involved in many other community groups.

From gay sports to Pride organizations & all that falls between, the BBCM is going to put on a spectacle set to remind you what you are dancing for. With performances reflecting the cause at the epicentre of the event, Black & Blue is first and foremost a FUN celebration of life, love & community.


Adding to their 25 years of transcending events, the Black & Blue Festival is set to light up Montreal this Sunday night. Inspired by burlesque, glamour, sensuality & everything that has to do with “sexy”, this year’s theme will be Red Light District Montréal. An ode to our cities undeniable reputation as the queen of nightlife.

This year it all goes down at the Pierre-Charbonneau Amphitheater, & will feature 2 rooms of circuit party heaven. Right at the Olympic Park, this square arena allow for a unique set-up. Grand stands all around with massive ceilings! Just imagine the light show BBCM is gonna put on…sure to be one for the books.

Of course such an innovative venue needs a line-up just as huge. Keeping the party alive for a full 12 hours, BBCM presents some top notch DJ’s from Europe & Montreal. Bringing a fresh EDM/House centered world of extravagance to the main room we got Mark Anthony, Paolo Rocco + Jay London, Morabito The Cube Guys, and Wally Lopez.


Showcasing the fine local talents of Charles Poulin, Robert de la Gauthier, Luc Raymond, Stephen Wallace & Stéfane Lippé. The Montréal room will be offering up some house music classics paying homage to the rich musical history of Black & Blue.

Transporting you to a sensual playland embodying the spirit of the Red Light District. Artistic-Director Yanick Daigle will join forces with over 20 artists to put on a show that command your attention. Especially since the unique style of venue allows for utilizing the main stage, & stages all around you as well.

Visual treats for the crowd to be presented during the 12 hour event include 2 main shows; “Burlesque-moi!” & “Flag & Dance” featuring burlesque performer Marie Doroftei & the BBCM dancers. Also, a very special performance with Lulu Hughes, Kim Richardson, & Stepane Moraille. Yep, with 3 divas!


So there you have it! Black & Blue 2015 is going to be the insane one-of-a-kind type of event we do best. One you surely do NOT want to be missing. Be sure to follow the dress code for the event, of course in Black or Blue. Extra points for kicking up the sexy a few notches.

Tickets can be grabbed at outlets around the city, or online right here. Remember folks, this is a benefit party! Come out, indulge your wilder sides & support a good cause!

Black & Blue Festival kicks off this Wednesday. Leading up to Sunday’s event they also have the wildly popular Leather Ball on Friday night. Bears & Friends returns to the festival Saturday night. Both of which have sold-out in past year’s. See the full week’s line-up of events right here.