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What do you get when you cross Hip Hop, EDM, Blues, West coast electro Rap and a producer? You get PALM BAKER. His anxiously lingering lyrics reminds me a little of Alan Rayman  almost as dark and not as sultry. Palm Baker is a multi-instrumentalist recording artist & performer/producer whose genre is frankly hard to pin down. I can imagine the music being in the “Alternative section” where eager music staff places everything they do not fully understand as well as music that arrives with a genre label.

What is cool about Palm Baker is how mysterious his branding; it’s is very minimal  but has a sort of fun industrial loft party in Venice beach feel none the less. It is lonely but strangely soothing.  I can imagine Lana Del Rey and Mickey Avalon having drinks with him in a jam space that is actually a food truck during the day. He works with many artists as a producer but also positions his own music as the artist himself. A jack of all music trades and clearly a master of electronic hip hop.

My favorite song is by far his new Single L.A  from his album FACES. It’s short yet nostalgic..
and it’s got that West Coast, convertible cool night breeze cruising down La Brea feeling.

Especially for someone who has been to Los Angeles a few times to escape our winters.. Dime bags & Cocktails are also good but they have that edgy withdrawal sound that makes me think of addicts and heart breaks. Also enjoyable music but you have to be in the mood for it. Faces is worth a listen and it is streaming on Sound Cloud. This Canadian boy that hails from  Ontario is serving up some Eminem realness in Grudges with his quick slick half rhymes and raps. Great music for a road trip as the album is well mixed to work from the first track to the last, unlike those albums that have a song that feel out of place or strangely transitioned.

It’s Sunday, It’s starting to snow and I am dreading Monday because I have too much work ahead- so I am enjoying the audio ride & beats that this Brampton bad boy has to offer,

as he says “I’ve got ways to make the Devil wait…”

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