TANTRiX Make Soul & Rock Become One

Toronto’s TANTRiX bring way more sound than you’d ever expect from a duo. The band craft a solid rock base filled with the right kind of vintage soul. They take the funk guitars of Red Hot Chili Peppers and them back to their blues roots. Headed by the vocal duo of Matt Mio on drums and Eddie Silver on guitar, TANTRiX put their heart and soul into their music. The band even named themselves after the practice of tantric love in the spirit of embracing expression and being truly at peace with oneself on every level to make great music. Their positive outlook and take on music has helped them stand out as our pick for Music Mondays!

TANTRiX’s self-described sound of “Feel-good pop, infused with a nostalgic, easy-listening and California Classic Rock twist” has culminated in their debut single “We Become One.” Their ability to blend rock with tones of soul, R&B, pop and even some reggae, comems together in a sound that resembles parts Maroon 5 and even Matchbox Twenty. “We hope that fans will appreciate and tap into the lighthearted, upbeat, ‘having fun with your friends’ feeling that the song has.

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While the song was originally made in TANTRiX’s basement studio, the production by Mark Zubek of Zedd Records really pushes it beyond that and makes its modest beginnings all the more impressive. The band updates that glossy early 2000’s R&B-rock sound to something crisper and more intimate on “We Become One,” as their lush harmonies make every verse a punchy and seductive listen. Their ecstasy can’t be contained in the choruses however as their deep grooves bloom in organ-heavy washes of euphoria.

For a debut TANTRiX really drop catchy melodies effortlessly, especially as their choruses tie it into something truly explosive and fluid. They even slip into a more psychedelic and dream-like bridge in the midst of the song, where the vocals hit their most guttural. This promising mix of writing and such a dynamic performance has us excited to see how TANTRiX  takes on the rest of 2018 and their budding careers.

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