While you’re just as likely to recognize her from Bran Van 3000 Drinkin in LA fame or even as one of Montreal’s most sought after entertainment lawyers, or from a stellar stint in federal politics for the NDP, Stephane Moraille, in true renaissance woman form, puts her pipes to work and is laying down the law, making her name as a solo artist these days.

Through her blend of folk guitars and modern pop, Moraille calls to mind the same kind of vocalist driven pop that made singers like Nelly Furtado and even Gwen Stefani stand out on their own. Since 2009, Moraille has cut a fresh path for her musical career between practicing law and running for election with the NDP. Her inspiring vocals and tireless passion is why we’ve picked Moraille for Music Mondays!

Stephane Moraille’s music blends not only from the worlds of pop that influence her but even mix English with the Creole of her Haitin roots. After working on various film boards, as well as countless Québec film productions, Moraille has honed a remarkable work ethic and applies it back to her own work. While it’s simple to just say Moraille works hard, that same energy that’s kept her so busy is palpable in her latest releases Pi Wo and her upcoming album Daïva.


Daïva by Stephane Moraille

Pi Wo‘s brief taste of Moraille’s modern transformation shows a huge growth from the pop she hit the scene with almost a decade ago on Florida Water. Songs like “Favourite” shine with smooth jazz overtones rooted in the emotional delivery that Moraille brings to her and her backing vocalists. It’s how Moraille spins these simple writing schemes into startling pop on songs like “Fanm Vanyan” where her unique instrumentation creates a sound and performance that spans genre’s and cultures. Even title-track “Pi Wo” takes some simple dance guitar and percussive rhythms and infuses them with enough infectious bass to take it over the top.For her upcoming LP Daïva however she really hits something powerful and sharp in her production on the record.

Expanding on the ideas of her EP with collaborators like Pierre-Luc Cérat and Jim Corcoran, the album sees her at her peak. Her confidence is at its most blatant on the album’s lead single “Expensive (Aloufa),” that preaches strong self-worth over an intoxicating dance hook.  The Imagine Dragons-like dynamics of “Reckoning” make its boisterous energy feel perfect for its message of revolution, and Moraille’s fearless mix of instrumentation would even make David Byrne blush.

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