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BKM Presents: Sheldon Universe,The Young Blood of R&B | #MusicMondays

BKM Presents: Sheldon Universe,The Young Blood of R&B | #MusicMondays

Sheldon Universe

While many people say go big or go home, Sheldon Universe embodies it. Hailing from Toronto, Sheldon was always surrounded by the music of his city and family.

Sheldon quickly became a triple threat, learning dance, voice and piano when he was just in the third grade.

Drums led Sheldon to international tours and session work, and helped him see the bigger picture that he would eventually bring back to his own work. After years performing with other musicians, Sheldon has crafted his own solo material and knows how to get it right. Sheldon’s ambitious vision is what made him stand out for Music Mondays!

Through his R&B music, Sheldon blends tones of soul, pop, rock and even smaller hints from the myriad of genres he’s covered throughout the years. When he’s not putting on massive live shows, Sheldon is in the studio working on his new album Mine, where he mixes parts Bruno Mars, Pharrell and even some of the Weeknd into his smooth and refined sound. Even his lead singles “Mine” and “Pretty Woman” show a level of writing that many of his peers can’t even match.

“This album was basically me saying no to a lot of creations and finding a cohesive sound for my album” said Sheldon.

Staying positive in a dark world, Sheldon’s music is guided by love and compassion, for music that oozes excitement.

 With the glossy guitars and funk grooves that put Starboy to shame, “Pretty Woman” is an ambient and cool track that mixes modern pop with a Sting-like delivery. Sheldon’s lyrics tell the story of a man fearless to express his love, hoping to change it all through his care and devotion. The neon overtones to the cool vibe of the song makes it infectious, as you fall deeper and deeper into its distorted hooks.

There’s a little bit of Prince and Michael Jackson in “Mine” as Sheldon dives right into his dance side with a euphoric joy. The soaring vocal hooks are over-the-top with bliss, and the frantic beat of the song drives it right between disco and EDM. There’s even tones of vaporwave sounds in the dry production that permeates the song, and the simple story of love that’s woven throughout the track is one that will leave you mesmerized.

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