While rap-rock definitely had its fair share of Limp Bizkits to give it a bad name, the genre has had plenty of time to heal since then. In the spirit of powerhouses like Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park, Vancouver offers the unique talents Mollys Reech.

The band’s garage approach to the genre brings a gritty spirit that the genre has been sorely missing for decades and a rhythmic focus that Red Hot Chili Peppers would only offer rap on occasion.

Their modest approach and sheer energy is why Mollys Reech was the perfect choice for Music Mondays!

The most important aspect of rap-rock that Mollys Reech taps into from the heydays of rap-rock is the high-octane energy. On top of their ballistic and constantly evolving live show, the band’s music blends blistering distortion and a vicious flow into one musical machine. The band doesn’t bury the lead of their lyrics in unnecessary metaphors, while they do preach more direct and accessible stories about struggling in the working class. “We’re always writing new music and testing it live, so you can usually expect something new when you see us.”

While the band are still readying their LP Down The Rabbit Hole, a slew of early releases is already showing a lot of promise for Mollys Reech’s future. The band’s ability to get fast and bouncy on a track like “Another” will undoubtedly have people moving, as their heavy, riff-filled power rock will get the mosh pit brewing on “Heat.” Though you’d never think it would work, the band’s tempered approach to the genre has even manifested itself in a glossy and smooth acoustic EP that will make you rethink acoustic music.

Singles like “Matador” really see the band turning their frantic attitude into a tool as they passionately dissect their lives and find constructive ways to move forward. As the band’s sound evolves, it will be fascinating to see the colours added to their sound, as well as a maturation in some of their more derogatory language. For now the band has given another sneak peek of their LP through, “Rollin.” The song’s gritty dynamics makes every chorus an explosive and cathartic experience while they find their own way through dark times in their lives. Needless to say, Through The Rabbit Hole promises to be a head-turning record.

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