Step into an analogue dream of 90s music. An industrial  loft (when they were still cheap to rent) with some light trickling through weathered factory windows. Inside, the gentle waves of indie surf guitars contrasted with punk rock drum beats.

You are in TURTLE STAND, the sophomore release from Phantom Phunk.

A truly eclectic sound that spectrums from indie familiars like THE KILLERS or ARCTIC MONKEYS but also has hints of psychedelic rock and metal.

It has that generation X shoe-gaze hopelessness mixed with a certain modern skepticism.

The lyrics are very trippy and Bowie-ish and the entire overall sound feels very British although this band is far from Britain and into the East Coast tropics: Tampa, Florida. You can def hear the darkly beach-surf melodies in songs like Sleepy Willow

While other songs like PAPER NECK  have the densely layered, and guitar-heavy gothic rock sound like SMASHING PUMPKINS. Phantom Phunk is a great album to mix into a party because each song almost caters to a slightly different sub-genre or sound. You could play the album entirety and have a guest ask “Is this STILL the same band?” tracks alternate from heavy-hitting to more chillaxing in style and def take the listener by surprise.