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Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 27

Best Kept MTL has compiled a Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers!

This is truly the most wonderful time of the year when we get ready to spend time with our loved ones, prepare for holiday travel, and of course holiday shopping. My personal list comes easily, but some years I put in the research to “wow” my loved ones. This brings me to this year’s list, where I review some of the unique products and services I’ve tested myself, bringing a unique and fresh perspective to my 2022 Holiday Guide!

Here you go, enjoy…


Nothing says I love you more than offering the gift of wellness to your loved one. Here are my wellness picks:

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 29

Slimwave Infrared Sauna Blanket by Slimwave Technologies. This gift allows for detoxing and has the same benefits as an actual sauna. While it runs around $750 the long-term benefits are what make it so worthwhile.

Another great wellness gift to consider is a gift certificate from The Westmount Beauty Lab. I recently tried their tummy flattening non-invasive procedure on the SkeynDor, and was astonished at its effectiveness. I actually secretly wish someone puts this on my list.

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 30


Skincare is something quite personal, but some products never disappoint. I have gifted some of these products below and always get the best commentary from my loved ones. So with these, you can’t go wrong:

I am in absolute love with the line of products from France Laure. Founded by the Fantin family and with the bio-cosmetic lab in Montreal, shopping France Laure means supporting “Made in Quebec”. One of my favorite products from this brand is their lip scrub. As someone who gets lip fillers regularly, it is beneficial to my fillers.

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 31

Another line of skincare that I absolutely love is She’s Vanity Face Oils. This lineup of all-natural oils helps to keep the face hydrated in every season.  I use EGO, which creates collagen in the face, thus allowing my face to maintain its plumpness. This gift is also great for the breaded man in your life.


And now we go to sexy…yes! The gift of lingerie can be a bit personal, but makes for a great gift! I discovered Fling Lingerie earlier this year and loved, loved, loved the wear. The actual fabric, while delicate is also stretchy which makes it so comfortable to wear. I think I might add this to my own personal Christmas List!


I am obsessed with Sandi Collection. It is a swimwear cover-over that can be worn to the beach, to the pool, and even to a spa. I wore mine all summer while on vacation, and it felt like I was wearing an elegant gown but it was in fact a cover-over. I don’t know, it just felt elegant. Founded by a local Montrealer, all designs from Sandi Collection are one of a kind.

Sandi Collection Luxury, Handmade Swimsuit Coverups


Let’s talk BOTOX and FILLERS! Honestly, I can talk about botox and fillers all day. But there is a best-kept secret location that I love to go to 2 hours away. You may be surprised to know that men love getting botox too. With a luxurious reception, Luxe Beaute Clinic has the best prices and best service that I have experienced in this area of beauty. Co-founded by Christine Cercena, a Luxe Beaute Clinic gift certificate can go a long way as a gift. There is a slew of other services and treatments, so pay them a visit!


The other day, I was chatting with a friend of mine, and we were wondering what to gift the children in our lives. I thought long and hard and the only thing that came to mind were dolls! But why not give the gift of a doll that can educate on diversity while being inclusive? Brown Diva Dolls are amazing dolls that not only promote inclusivity and diversity, but they are also tall dolls – which makes a fun play companion!

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Are luxury watches perhaps on your list for the man in your life who loves watches? Blaq Alpha is a great watch company that ships all over Canada and is “Made in Canada”. I love this watch company because every time I give them as gifts, I hear “ohhh…ahhh you went over the top!” While these watches are in the luxury category, they are affordable.

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 33


Let’s not forget our furry friends who warm our hearts every day and love us unconditionally. Why not treat them with a love gift from iDoggos? You will be glad you did!

Best Kept MTL Holiday Gift Guide Made for Montrealers 34

And there you have it folks, my holiday list featuring local brands to “wow” your loved ones this holiday season.

Men alert! Check out our latest grooming guide holiday edition featuring Nivea men in our beauty buzz section.

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