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BKM Presents: U-N-T | Toronto’s Best French Rock #MusicMondays

BKM Presents: U-N-T | Toronto’s Best French Rock #MusicMondays

BKM Presents: U-N-T | Toronto's Best French Rock #MusicMondays 1

U-N-T (pronounced Unity/Unité) aren’t your typical Toronto rock band, heck, most of their songs are in French. There is something very Ian Astbury leaking from the singer’s charisma. Emerging in 2014, the band is helmed by Rick Smith, Michel Scotta Delorme and Marc-L Porter. Their unique take on classic rock blends retro production aesthetics with more modern writing, making for a listen that never feels too derivative. On record and on stage, the band’s electric personalities are constantly magnetic, making every listen an energizing experience. Drawing from bands like Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Soundgarden and some Jane’s Addiction, there’s a depth and unpredictability to their sound.   Their lyrical focus on social issues is thought-provoking as well, all coming back to the band’s titular theme of uniting together. With such a unique take on metal and classic rock sounds, we’re ecstatic to feature them on Music Mondays!

The band’s frantic energy comes to a boil on their new EP “Y.Ni.Te” showcasing their range of talent and drawing from their own unique heritage as people. “The EP demonstrates their passion for keeping true to one’s roots. With tracks that will take you on a journey, like their first single “Je M’enfuis”, it sets the mood of the feeling of leaving everything behind, to forget all the sorrow in one’s life, when you’ve just had enough and need to get away.” – U-N-T

Despite overwhelming amounts of new rock bands trying to say something fresh in the genre, there’s something about “Y.Ni.Te” that manages to make it feel timeless. Even as the band roar throughout the start of the record on tracks like “Ne Plus Me Voir” or “Présent Passé” there’s such a wondrous blend of control and indulgence that it’s hard to predict where each song will go next. This ability to subvert subverted expectations works well for the band as they manage make their power rock soar while never making the music feel overdone or cheap.

There’s also a startling mix of folk-undertones that cut through the guitar and vocals on a track like “Superhéro” where they pull a surprising amount of spritely energy into a song that is drenched in distortion and eighties hair metal. Their production hits its peak however on “Je M’enfuis” as they capture that grunge mix of chorus and fuzz with touches of Mudhoney and Silverchair, while not feeling trapped in the usual morose moods of the era. Harmonies are a constant joy throughout the album, lifting every song with a unique emotional energy that the band never fails at.

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