If you took some time to talk to the Montreal locals – 4 out of 5 times you’ll get a warning to avoid all the testosterone inflated douche balls and hoards of tourists that will take over our fabulous downtown for the F1 Grand Prix weekend.

If you fall within the (much, much cooler) 4 out of 5, don’t fret this during this F1 weekend, Best Kept MTL has your back with our Anti F1 Grand Prix list of happenings around the 514.


MURAL – The international art festival kicks off its 5th year today June 8. A definite contender to drown out your F1 Grand Prix blues, MURAL will get you outside touring some of the best areas in Montreal on foot, enjoying the sunshine and witnessing the creation and execution of the new murals going up this year.

Running from today til June 18th – Mural Festival will once again offer two weekends of major outdoor concerts, all free of charge this year.

MURAL will present four major musical events, thanks to partnerships with Fido and VICE, Kraken, Hennessy, Fool’s Gold and IleSoniq. What’s more, the Grill Saint-Laurent culinary event will return to the main area from June 14 to 16.

MURAL Festival is always a splendid spectacle that every Montrealer should take in at least once. Though with its downtown adjacent happenings it’s not out of the ordinary for the F1 crowds to bleed into this festival – still, it’s a top contender for an alternative, anti-F1 solution. You’ve been warned.


Montreal! Here is where the anti-F1 believers strike gold.

Fringe Festival has been turning the city upside down since May 29 and will continue to tantalize and offer something truly unique for anyone up until June 16.

A true artist collection, St Ambrose Fringe Festival has all the Best Kept Secrets in Montreal’s street performance, burlesque, comedy, music, and theater rolled into one massive collective.

F1 Grand prix

I highly suggest checking out Glam Gam Productions Peter Pan-Sexual at Café Cléopatra.

Peter Pansexual is Glam Gam’s queer interpretation of this classic fairy tale. Peter is a megalomaniac pansexual. He doesn’t care about people’s gender identities, or their feelings, for that matter! Wendy and her Darling brothers are lured from suburbia to the island of Montreal, their very own Neverland. They discover the magic of snorting fairy dust, crushing the patriarchy and exploring their sexuality.

Another top contender this Fringe has got to be the fabulous Mikki Michelle’s Cabaret Abnormal, at The Wiggle Room.

F1 Grand Prix

Best Kept MTL has put the light on Cabaret Abnormal in the past, and this series of odd, weird and sexy cabaret burlesque still has us mesmerized.

With different guest performers every night, you’ll wanna check out the event page to catch some additional Fringers on stage for this creepy, sexy, circus affair.


These two on-going festivals easily have the F1 Grand Prix douchery beat…. and what better way to celebrate this fact than hitting them both up together!

MURAL and Fringe have teamed up to take over #LaMain with their signature brand of explosive colour and creativity.

This year there will be five designated spots between the two festival hubs, with curated performances by some of Montreal’s best street performers.

You can find more details on that right here.