Whether Driving, dieting or downright depriving, we have the alcohol free & no alcohol list you’ve been waiting for… These low-cal beers and coolers keep you hydrated while providing you an almost parallel experience to those drinking their fave poisons alongside you. Before you hit the liquor mart and try your luck, We’ve tried a bunch out so you don’t have to filter out the good, the bad and the down right pissy. We have put together a top 3 based on % of Alcohol vs taste vs calories. CHEERS!

NANNY STATE (Very low alcohol)

This beer is one of the few super hopped non-alcohol beers around. At a solid 45 IBUs, this 0.5 percent ABV India Pale Ale, is all about the taste. A little harder to find unless you hit the beer aficionado stores – but worth the hunt. Good for people who like head and I don’t mean the naughty neighbor kind!

ALT= Nanny state

RADDLER (Low alcohol)

From the makers of Heineken and Fosters, this Summer shandy has been taking terraces by storm. At 24 calories, women and livers are loving this crisp lemony Summer buddy. At 2% It’s a great choice for drivers who want to relax but are not at risk of getting drunk after splitting a case.

ALT= Radler


BECKS (No alcohol)

Think of it as the beer for jocks during prohibition! This trendy green bottle blends right in with your boys’ HeinesGrolsch. With a bitter kick, but a smooth pour, this blonde will make you forget you quit drinking for a few weeks.