The feminists must have wanted to throw up in their mouths during this year’s Superbowl ads 2013. Then again, they are probably baking tofu muffins AND not tuned into football! If this year had a theme from Beyonce’s stripper army to sexy Kate Upton and Bar Refaeli it was busty blonde FTW. With an adrenalized male demographic, this classic formula has been winning for a few decades now and has been used to sell everything under the sun.. So what do we do when the dudes are tired of watching women out of their league? We bring in some stupid bar humor and the epicenter of stupid bar humor are bear jokes. 2 of my favorite ads this year are showcasing silly bears at their best and 1 I’ll admit is showing the other thing boys love: busty blondes… Drum roll please:

#1 Best Superbowl commercial of 2013:
Bear does laundry : Samsung washing machine commercial

#2 Best Superbowl commercial of 2013:

Labatt Blue Super Bowl commercial crossing the border

#3 Best Superbowl commercial of 2013:
Toyota Game Day teaser “I Wish” starring Kaley Cuoco (official)