Big or small appetite Montreal’s got a finger licking good BBQ festival in store for you. With a similar concept to the annual Lobster Clam Jam festival, the team behind Fabboss Pr –Fabio Broccoli and Billy Alfonso – are at it again and collaborating once more with Larry day and the Starlight Children’s Foundation to bring you the newest edition to their food festival family, Barbeque Bonanza.

Barbeque Bonanza is an upscale culinary food festival being held this Sunday at the Montreal Clock Tower in Old Montreal with an all B.B.Q concept. Anyone who knows me for the carnivore that I am knows that this is a food festival where I belong; mind you, you can expect a whole lot more than just meat being grilled up on the B.B.Q. I am confident that the options can and will be endless for our pallets.

While lobster clam jam was bringing you the best of Seafood, BARBEQUE BONANZA is a collaborating theme with a total of 41 restaurants and vendors including alcohol and dessert, with 22 of them representing 22 countries of origins. Meaning? Some of your favorite eateries from across the city will be on site representing their country to the best of their culinary abilities. You’ll have tastes from all over the world including but not limited to Europe, the Middle East, the West Indies, North America, South America, Asian cuisine and way more. We all know how serious Montrealers can be when it comes to representing their culture so I expect nothing short of feeling like I’m walking straight out of the Ottoman Empire, and landing directly in Sicily within the few steps it takes to get to the next kiosk.

And of course food is never the only thing on the menu at a Montreal festival. With the success of Lobster Clam Jam, companies and vendors from all over the city were ready to jump on the opportunity to participate in this new family oriented day event. In honor of the starlight Children’s foundation and the main goal of this festival, which is to raise money for children, there is a fun zone set up on site that includes a variety of activities for them to enjoy all day long. Kids under the age of 12 are free entry as well so that’s a huge bonus for families on a budget. With other vendors scheduled to be on site such as a health spa, jewelry boutique and live performance @ 8pm by John Jacob Magistery, compliments of CHOM 97.7 who will be there all day long partaking in the worthy cause, it is an event that the whole family can take advantage of.

Here are the links for TICKETS and the MENU. Tickets start @ 45$ and includes entry + 4 food/drink vouchers or can go as high as 60$ for entry + 9 food/drink vouchers.  Attendance is already up past 2,000 so don’t make the mistake of buying at the door, the lineup will be insanity. Rain or shine, we will be there. And P.S if you can’t make this one, they have another one on its way in a few weeks in the West Island. Click HERE for full details.