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Bandsintown | Tips for your tours & tickets!

Bandsintown | Tips for your tours & tickets!

Bandsintown | Tips for your tours & tickets! 1

BandMark recently became a digital friend of Bandsintown, the #1 concert goer app in the world. We can’t believe there are so many bands out there that are unaware of all this useful tour technology at their finger tips. From Facebook tour widgets to ticket link fulfillment, and the ability to update show info from a smartphone on the fly; are just the tip of this awesome music industry iceberg! Contrary to what some people may believe, it’s not just for Foster the People or other household names, it’s scaled for the garage band local bar gigs to the grand international private jet country hoppers. For those with big management budgets like Maroon 5, their social media manager handles some of their widgets and digital marketing campaigns but for your everyday artist who is just starting to pick up fan traction, here are the top 3 ways to get started with a small budget:

Step 1 Get the free Bandsintown Manager app and read the best practices tips. Whether you are going on a cross country tour or you just have a lot of local gigs, this app immediately provides your fans with venue location, advanced ticket purchasing and show times all in one spot. To check out how these free tools are used, take a look at our buddy Ben Caplan’s Facebook tour page or Maroon 5’s website –  see where it says Tickets or RSVP, those web codes comes from Bandsintown. You can also hit SHARE on each show link to directly share it on the fly and even share your attendance.

Step 2 Try a campaign with the Bandsintown for Promoters  Literally the most direct way to access millions of concert-goers by location and interest. Let’s say you are touring NYC and its suburbs and you know other bands whose fans, would likely enjoy your music. Wouldn’t you like to be able to promote your show to them in a very direct way? Think Facebook event ad but way more direct as these are super fans not just LIKERS, fans who want their phones to blow up when their fave bands are in town. Fans who want to discover new music, YOUR music.

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