Photo Credit original source: PINK MAFIA
When are own music bloggers are swamped, We rely on PINK MAFIA’s excellent music taste to keep our music fans well fed. Here is a delicious review of the band: Neighbourhood’s most recent Album: I love you.

An air of mystery is not something most bands cultivate when they’re first starting out, but The Neighbourhood did and it worked in their favor, accruing a huge following with the release of their first single, Female Robbery, on the interwebs in early 2012 with little to no explanation. A year later, they are the buzziest band at Coachella, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes. We got a sneak listen of their debut album, I Love You, and we were mighty impressed. READ THE COMPLETE REVIEW by PINK MAFIA’s own Georgia Shearman 🙂