Unlike most blogs who get paid to pretend what their top choices are, BandMark actually chooses their favorites for free and then hopes to get invited to at least one! You can trust this list as your guide to the best parties this year. Whether you like more underground events or big shiny commercial ones, this top 5 list should have you covered. See you at some of the parties, locals and out of towners!

#1 The Monde Osé Halloween Ball: POP

Ladies & Gentlemen, Saturday, October 29th 2016, inside the lavishly appointed St-James Theatre in old Montreal, Monde Osé welcomes you to a very special edition of the annual Halloween Ball themed POP. Watch as the eclectic daring ones at Monde Osé revive Warhol’s legendary Factory. Our staff is def making a trip to the fabulous old Port for it. RSVP

#2 Rocky Horror Picture Show, a Montreal classic

Back another year to Rock Montreal’s most beautiful vintage theatre in the heart of the Quartier des Spéctacles and they are still the ONLY Rocky Horror event in town that gives you the original cult classic movie. See Tim Curry, Richard O’Brien, Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf on the big screen while a large cast performs live on stage with wild audience participation. Our friend Plastik Patrik is hosting the costume contest! RSVP

#3 Down the Rabbit Hole / Josh Silver’s Bday party @ Soubois

Soubois does it big this year. With not only one, but two parties for Halloween! Their forest promises to be completely transformed, and your preferred Disney characters will be the ones to welcome you. Ciroc Vodka will be the featured alcohol of the soirée, and get ready for more surprises in the evening. Crazy music, people, and vibe… Oh, and not to mention on Friday night, “Mr. Montreal” / “Man-about-town“, Josh Silver’s Wicked Birthday Séance , where the meal eats you!! RSVP

#4 Terrifying Mechanical Bull-NUF SAID!

Mechanical bull roulette—tame the terrifying beast: show that you’re as agile as a cowboy and as invincible as a zombie by taming their terrifying mechanical bull! Tracks by Tone Call and DJ Steve Watt—music that will send shivers down your spine. Do you have the rhythm in your blood? Are you ready to gamble with zombies at the Casino? For big spenders only or the scariest thing will be your empty wallet! Takes place at the Montreal Casino. RSVP

#5 Cirque de Bourdoir’s Black Mass for Kinky Montrealers

Bask in the forbidden and the profane in this year’s Black Mass Halloween party! Cirque de Boudoir is hosting yet another night for the ages in Montreal, and you’re invited to join in the fun. With numerous DJs, visual artists and other performers, this night will be the perfect time to enjoy the bizarre. Party with over 1,200 people! RSVP