I decided to go to CUBA for my first time. My first visit to CUBA AND a tropical resort. Since I work in IT, I of course did a ton of web research to prepare for the trip! I also spoke to dozens of seasoned resort-goers to gather new tips and was able to make a small list for other newbies 🙂 First of all you need to know what kind of resorts you like in advance. There are party resorts, nature resorts, family resorts etc.. do your research, check out TripAdvisor reviews and do not go somewhere without an actual friend or family recommendation. Remember that the resort reviews are a lot of staff reviews too…

Personally, I like the nature resorts. The areas with few resorts and resorts that have been carefully carved into nature rather than hotel buildings planted in the middle of nature. I prefer small cabanas that are spread out vs big complexes of hundreds of people. I think a good # of people at a resort is not over 300 and at max 60% capacity booked. You can inquire in advance with the resort. It’s cool to have other people at the resort but unless you are going there to party – you want to be able to relax by a pool that doesn’t have a lot of noise going on etc.. You also may want to let them know you do not want to sleep near the bars and clubs as they can get noisy at night. I like Santa-Maria island as it is part of a UNESCO eco reserve and they have but 3 resorts on quite a large island. (I have also not been to other parts of CUBA so take this with a grain of salt) Ok so for the tips!

  1. If you can be this disciplined, avoid sugar and fruits for 1 week prior to your trip – mosquitoes and almost al insects prefer high blood sugar!
  2. A dryer sheet in your pocket will turn off mosquitoes and sand mites and you need DEET cream not spray to ward them off entirely, yes you can mix it with sun block!
  3. Powder your suitcase (inside) with Dimetacious earth then shake it off. Bed bugs absolutely hate this volcanic dust! You can also keep your suitcase in the bath tub when you are not using it as they do not like ceramic either.
  4. Check mattress seams and tags as well as fabric drapes for signs of bed bugs (Google them to see what the excrement looks like) alert management and change room if u see anything..
  5. Light Patchouli incense before bed. This is when the bed bugs come out. They hate this smell so if they smell it in your room, they will go somewhere else to feed.
  6. IF you have a sensitive stomach, stay away from dairy and eggs. PASTA is never good at a tropical resort buffet! Eat light, it’s hot and you are probably drinking lots of coffee and liquor.
  7. The water is typically treated or bottled but I heard even treated water gets fairly stagnant in their wells.. add wild Oregano oil (2 drops) to all your water, do not drink tap water.
  8. Eat a lot of garlic, this kills parasites naturally. Consume fish and meats in moderation and ask for them well grilled.
  9. If you do not like someone’s vibe at a resort – let them know right away, it’s likely you will see them again. “See you around”, “Enjoy your week”, “Nice to meet you” are polite things you can say that mean that although it was fun to speak with them, you do not plan on sharing all meals, drinks and activities with them for the duration of your stay.
  10. If you liked your resort, get the direct email of their hotel or cabana booker and note the room numbers you think you would like. For example if there are some of the beach. Surprisingly the prices do not range much for things like ocean view, beach strip, larger rooms etc. And every cabana has their unique traits you may like or dislike. If someone is bragging about their awesome room – ask to take a look so you can book it next time!