When I landed on WOLF’s  submission, I admit I was a little bias because I have always loved the name wolf, ever since I saw the movie Amadeus as a child. It has always struck me as a very masculine yet gentle name and a great name for a male musician no doubt.. when I played IRAQ unplugged, I was sold. Brutally honest, soulful music with a message about the cost of freedom in America, the business of war and the deal soldiers make with their conscience.  He has Robert Plant vocal range and Lenny Kravitz’s soulful depth. This line in particular was so heavy “Don’t cry on my stone, I broke the rules.” I have no doubt that WOLF is on the edge of fame. Re-visit this blog if you want in 6 months, by then he will be signed to distribution and touring the world.. We are proud to also have him on board a contest we produced with Liveinyourcity.com and invite you to check out his entry and give him some LOVE! Speaking of love, here is another of his tracks: This is Not a Love Song below:

Bio: With Wolf Critton’s new music video and new single “China Doll”! Wolfs heartfelt story of his service in Iraq and strong Rock and Soul music is now steadily reaching the ears of thousands. In an interview with the Happy Hudson Valley wolf states “I don’t want to be Famous, I want to be heard” You to will hear his life carried note by note each song written and produced by Wolf Critton himself with passion and truth! Wolf Critton is easily an artist of the times we currently live in.