Interview with Mark Spicoluk

You know the name, and def know the face. Mark Spicoluk: X Avril Lavinge Bass Player, Closet Monster Frontman, owner of Underground Operations, A&R for Universal and was a judge on Music show called DisBand. He is currently working on a lifestyle site with his wife called Boho Beautiful.

BandMark caught up with Mark and had a small 5 questions with him. This was the result. Enjoy!

What is the significance behind your latest album/project/style?
Assuming we mean Closet Monster, its mostly personal and personal political for myself and the members. Somewhat a personal ongoing historical etching of our evolution collectively and as a citizens of our world. Id love to go ahead and claim in relevant to anything or anyone but ourselves, but I fear that would be too assuming as it comes from our hearts and pretty much lands within the circle of anyone listening or choosing to be a part. Style-wise, I’m really into the 1980`s perspective of the future. Back to the future 2 and voyage of the rock aliens and such.

How do you define yourself, personally?
Constantly struggling to consciousness but never succeeding to find it. I also am a romantic in all ideas of the word applying to personal revolution, friends, families, lovers, history, life, etc. obsessive-compulsive in all aspects of work and recreation as well. All in all, I am a combo that pretty much leads to self-destruction and never being fulfilled on any level whatsoever. Mmmmm….

What do you think characterizes your general appeal to others?
I’m not even sure other than my connections in the music business what my appeal is to others most of the time. Hah.

If you were to die tomorrow, what would you want to be remembered for?
I`d like to think the underground operations record catalog is a definitive collection of my tastes and passion and growth as an artist and entrepreneur. But I`d, even more, like to think I`d be remembered for loving and caring for my family and friends.  Also, one time when I was 15 I drank a half liter of hot sauce for 23 dollars.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Depends how much he is getting paid that little son of a bitch.

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