5 questions with Alissa Skorik!

1. When did you first pick up the spirit flute?
I first picked up the spirit flute at age 12 and have been playing ever since.

2. Why is it called a spirit flute?|
The spirit flute is so named because the music that is made with it is entirely natural, traditionally there is no sheet music for the Spirit Flute and even now that there is it doesn’t tend to work all too well because the only way to make music on a Spirit Flute is to (for lack of a better expression) play with the soul and spirit.

3. What makes you drawn to this unique instrument?
The Spirit Flute is calming and kind, Its sound draws me in because in it there is something magical that I don’t hear in regular every day music or in fact any other instrument, The sound is ancient, traditional and in a way healing.

4. Do you have any music influences that have helped shaped your sound?
Some of my musical influences include David R Maracle and  Alborada Peru, their take on traditional indigenous music particularly the Spirit Flute has shaped quite a bit of my musical technique , Lindsey Stirling and her innovative ability to take a classical instrument and adapt it to use with more modern musical genres such as dub step. Various film composers have also shaped my music ranging from Ramin Djawadi to Murray Gold’s work, Listening and Studying to film scores greatly influenced my ability to convey a variety of emotions through music.

  5. Any advice for those who have just started to pick up this instrument?

Make sure you understand your instrument and work with it not against it, don’t hold your flute  too tightly or too loosely, understand its construction and its history so if something goes wrong you know where to look.  Most importantly understand that the name Spirit Flute is not out of nowhere,  play with you heart and music will be the end result…