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BandMark @ CNTRL Beyond EDM

BandMark @ CNTRL Beyond EDM

BandMark @ CNTRL Beyond EDM 1

I’ll probably go to any room that has legendary Richie Hawtin or our local hero TIGA inside it, but give me one filled with geeky discussions about music production, the music industry and how the first rave was a flyer and a phone number and I’m there ahead of time – ready to enjoy a room filled with people who are not just into EDM but into the history, the software advancements (Ableton, Traktor…) and most importantly the future of it’s creation and commercialization. Like any great DJ set, this discussion was a great journey. Here are my top favorite moments:

Richie Hawtin: On how he plays his sets “I love the holodeck from star trek… You can create another reality and hang out there for a few hours. I try to do that with my sets.

Loco Dice: On how he plays his sets: “I like 17 hour sets. Some people say they hate my first half hour because I’m searching, but it’s a necessary part of the journey, so stick with me”

Tiga: On how he plays his sets: “I don’t prepare anything. Every day, I actually say to myself I should maybe prepare, but I just show up and improvise. Ya.”

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