Gas Light Anthem is the reason why a lot of truly talented and unique music, doesn’t make its way into the lime light.  For some reason most humans genuinely like bad music. Now, when I say bad there is a certain amount of personal taste that goes along with it and I am not just putting them into the junk food of College Rock category for nothing. I don’t mean that they are BAD guitar players or the singer is off. Actually they are very skilled musicians and everything is on key, on beat- but there is nothing original, soulful and non commercially contrived going on here.

To be fair (or rather unfair) I would hate them in pure poster form as well. A douchey Power grunge 4some of hipster rock fashion and non threatening tats. Guess what? We have enough popular rock music, enough Nickelback. If we keep putting these recycled, white, boy bands into the top 40 playlist, teenagers are never going to develop their ears.. (unless of course, they had a cool older brother who banned them from Mix96 and made them listen to David Bowie, Led Belly and Laurie Anderson).

Rarely am I inspired enough to blog all my UNLIKE for a band, because generally bad music is not memorable for me. It was in this case however, I had to sit through hours of it at Pop Montreal because we stupidly got the band order wrong and we thought the band we were enduring was the opener! Given what time it was, this was extra stupid on our end but this is what happened…

ME: (to my biz partner) IF the next song is also shit, I’m leaving.
ALISTAR: Oh come on, we may as well stay until the main act.
ME: My ear is dry heaving. I don’t think I can sit through this, who are all these people cheering?! How can thousands of people like this?
ALISTAR: I know it’s weird but thousands of people like spray cheese so I’m not surprised. It’s probably those people.
ME: At least you have earphones.

So then we get to the end of the show and the lights are suspiciously bright and security is cleaning up plastic beer cups and that’s when I give Alistar that “this is YOUR fault” angry glare that women are born with.  There is good news, I learned 2 lessons in 1 night. Don’t be lazy, pre-listen to the bands on the set list prior and there is a worse band than Nickelback!

It took me a while to find the worst song they have to share with you because EVERY song is the worst song ever so go ahead and listen to anything they have to see what I mean!

FANS of GLA be like: “You suck, you’re mean, you don’t know cool music etc..” and my reply to you is the following:
It’s a music blog, we can’t always be nice but we can always be honest. You know what pop is, now go to an old record store that smells like cat piss and moth balls and ask the weirdo running it what’s worth discovering.