Stop your Friday and listen to these 2 boys from Lancashire who have taken the essence out of a Spanish gypsy guitar player and poured it over a Liverpool laneway. Bad Cardigan is edgy folk, indie and acoustic mastery. These boys are good. Good at playing their classical guitars, good at writing profound stories at 20 years old. Part the seas of music industry chaos and let this beautiful boat charm the masses. Each song is a solid piece of audio work, and produced with perfection. Even my computer speakers cannot harm the experience.

Bad Cardigan came to us through ReverbNation, the world’s most popular tool for emerging artists to get their music out of the garage and into the homes of people around the world. To be able to discover talent across the ocean is perhaps my favorite kind of discovery.

With all the horrible things the internet has done, connecting music to fans makes up for all the lol cats and other memes doomed to haunt us until the end of the internet… until then enjoy this duo: Jack Anwyl & Tom Randall.