As the PR & business relations manager at Best Kept MTL I typically meet our city’s movers & shakers at performances, gallery openings and fundraisers. On this particular occasion I met Sarah Marshaal, curator & founder of the Duran Mashaal Gallery on a plane ride down South to Art Basel. I was trying to put my carry-on luggage in a overhead bin that had been entirely reserved for 1 flight attendant’s personal belongings… on a full flight. The altercation with the flight attendant wasn’t pretty but with the back up of a perfect stranger (Sarah Mashaal) I put it where it belonged. This was the beginning of a special friendship, exploring our common passion for the arts and future collaborations.

The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series is an art competition created by Bombay Sapphire that provides emerging artists with an international platform to showcase their work. For the first time ever, the Artisan Series has partnered with Artsy, the world’s largest online art platform, who will help judge and determine the best artistic talent in North America. The winner of the competition will have the ability to showcase their work at Scope Miami Beach, one of the largest and most prestigious global art fair and will win an Artsy Special Project in NYC (2018)!

In Montreal, over 500 artists submitted their work online and 22 finalists have been chosen by the Artsy curatorial team to participate in Montreal’s final round taking place on Wednesday, October 4th! Only one artist will win a trip to compete in this year’s North American finale.

Amelie Jodoin, Fun Fun Fun
Ariane Fairlie, Turning From You
Audrey Leroux Jones, Carre Contre Cube
Branka Marinkovic, The Crossing
Colette Boulet, Red Triangle
Corey Popp, Of Fire
Denise Martel, Sans Titre
Derek Evans, The Fixed Stars
Henri Venne, You Should Have Seen
Jennifer Schuler, NSDF
Justine Skahan, Twins
Karine Payette, Light In The Box
Maela Ohana, Nothing New To Be Said
Marko Tonich, Sealhunt Calling
Michael Newman, Blacksplash 2
Michelle Lundqvist, Drawing Dream
Nate Nettleton, Palms II
Olivier Roberge, Who Needs Knowledge When
Prisca Langlais, Nathalie
Shinhae Lee, Projection
Sophia Borowska, Ghost of an Image
Tina Struthers, Mapping The Holes In My Heart

For more information re. the event, please find attached the official invitation, Bombay Sapphire’s Artisan Series’ Montreal Information Sheet, or, visit If you would like to attend the event (as I mentioned it is open to the public, but we will have a separate media list as well), kindly RSVP to [email protected] (please note: this invitation is valid for 2).