Drum roll for my favorite show at Pop Montreal 2012! ARTHUR H at one of my favorite venues too THE RIALTO! The night was so so fun… and it was really painless too because I had a drink as I was getting ready so no procrastination did occur. Then took a taxi straight to venue avoiding the rain and travel unpleasantness. Wound up at the Rialto ready to rock with my photographer and business partner. Had a gin and tonic and let the retro gruff Paris notes mix into the atmosphere while Arthur H performed in what looked like the salvation army’s furniture section – like in a good way! Old frames, antiques and dusty lamps. The son of well known French singer Jacques Hiegelin gave him an early start in his musical career. His influences are so varied Def: Tom waits, Thelonious monk, the tango. you sort of have to hear him to “get it”. His sets are smoke and tear filled and very romantic, he is very French that way!